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WellnessTech Fullpool Pool Controller

  • Product Code: UFS-FULLP
  • Availability: 2 weeks

1,239,001 Ft Ex Tax: 975,591 Ft 4000 reward points

Complex pool controller to automate the operation of the pool. It provides comprehensive control of the pool equipment, allowing the coordinated operation of different devices. Pool equipment can also be accessed (monitored and controlled) remotely via a web browser. Logs the status of equipment, and graphs of stored data can be displayed. Thanks to its modular design, the configuration can be tailored to your needs.

    Functions of FULLPOOL type:
  • Filtration control
  • Temperature measuring, regulation
  • Switching o/off a light or water attraction
  • Touchpanel display
  • Data storage, plots
  • Operation hours counting
  • Remote diagnostics
  • E-mailing, sms reports, warning
  • WiFi, ethernet
  • Controlling via web browser
  • Can be integrated into building management systems
  • pH measuring, regulation
  • Rx measuring, regulation
  • Water supply regulation
  • Water consumption measuring
  • 1 pcs dosing pump timecontrol
  • Chemical level warning
  • Flow detecting
  • Pump speed adjust
  • Automatic valve/valve system controlling
  • Solar heating allowing/disabling
  • RGBW LED controlling
  • Drain valve controlling
  • Water attraction on-off max. 8 pcs
  • Water attraction programming max. 8 pcs
  • Automatic cover controlling

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